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Wheel stops are used where it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle into a parking space – this may be control kerb overhang where it inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians, to protect vehicles from high kerbs, or to inhibit encroachment into an opposing parking space.


Wheel stops may be provided where it is considered necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle into a parking space. Note they should be avoided in any situation where they may be in the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles, or crossing a car park for any other purpose. Wheel stops shall not obstruct accessible travel paths for people with disabilities.

All kerbs, wheel stops, low barriers and other obstructions that could be a tripping hazard to pedestrians shall be surfaced in a colour contrasting with their surroundings.

Wheel stops are typically used to:
(i) limit kerb overhang which is inconvenient or hazardous for pedestrians.
(ii) inhibit contact with an end barrier or high kerb.
(iii) inhibit encroachment into an opposing parking space.

Wheel stops shall be:
(i) between 90 and 100 mm in height, and
(ii) 1650 ±50 mm in width.

Installation Method

Before starting installation, please ensure you have checked the location of any underground cables or services.

  • Measure and mark the required location of the wheel stops as per the above table
  • Position a wheel stop in each car park, using a string line to ensure they are positioned in a straight line
  • Concrete surface (Each wheel stop is supplied with three 12mm x 150mm expansion bolt(s)

– Mark each locating point and drill a hole to a depth of 160mm
– Remove any dust from the hole and surface
– Insert each expansion bolt and tighten

Bitumen surface (Each wheel stop is supplied with three 300mm long spikes)
– Drive a spike through each of the three locating points


Where reverse-in parking is unlikely, e.g. at 30, 45 and 60 degree angle parking modules with one-way aisles, or where occasional minor encroachment (up to about 400 mm) by a reverse-in vehicle can be tolerated, e.g. over a kerb, wheel stop positions shall be set at the front-in position.
If reverse-in parking is likely and encroachment over the end of the parking space cannot be tolerated, wheel stop positions shall be set at the rear-in position and all vehicles required to back in.

Parking direction Wheel stop distance to front of parking space
Parking to kerb <150mm high Parking to kerb >150mm high or wall
Front-in 630mm 830mm
Rear-in 910mm 1110mm

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